double effect

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  • double effect — double effect, principle of …   Philosophy dictionary

  • DOUBLE EFFECT —    an ethical theory which states that when a GOOD action may only be achieved by causing harm, it is permissible if the good outweighs the HARM that may result …   Concise dictionary of Religion

  • double effect —  Двойной эффект …   Вестминстерский словарь теологических терминов

  • double effect, principle of — A principle attempting to define when an action that has both good and bad results is morally permissible. In one formulation such an action is permissible if (i) the action is not wrong in itself, (ii) the bad consequence is not that which is… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Principle of double effect — Part of a series on St. Thomas Aquinas …   Wikipedia

  • doctrine of double effect — in ethics, the doctrine that where a single action will forseeably have both a good and a bad outcome, a person may perform this action provided that (a) he intends only the good outcome, (b) the bad outcome is not disproportionate to the good,… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Double burden — is a term describing the workload of men and women who work to earn money, but also have responsibility for unpaid, domestic labor.[1] According to studies done dealing with a stressful environment chronically, such as a stressful job or… …   Wikipedia

  • Double buzz — refers to a multiphonic effect on the trumpet or other brass instruments. During normal play, the upper and lower lips will vibrate at the same speed. If, however, the lips are set to vibrate at different speeds two pitches may be perceived.While …   Wikipedia

  • Double bridle — Double bridle, with both curb and snaffle bits. A double bridle, also called a full bridle or Weymouth bridle,[1] is a bridle that has two bits and four reins (sometimes called double reins ). One bit is the bradoon (or bridoon), is …   Wikipedia

  • Double spaced sentences — Double spacing at the ends of sentences is a typographical convention that has sometimes been termed English spacing. Since the mid 1990s, it has often been termed French spacing, although that term has traditionally referred to the practice of… …   Wikipedia

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